e-Learning 2016-2017

  • The course has as objectives:

    • Acquiring the knowledge and developing the competences in applying the methods for assurance the electrical energy quality, in connection with modern systems of monitoring the parameters and with actual regulations.
    • Identification of characteristics of quality electrical energy indicators.
    • Evaluation of the impact of non-quality of electrical energy. 
    • Desiging of the specific procedure for monitoring the indicators of electric energy quality.
  • The course is addressed to electrical and computer engineering program of study and has as main objectives:

    -  Knowing the processes which take place in materiales used in electrical and electronic engineering.

    -  Analising and optimal choosing the materials for electrical and electronical systems

    -  Knowing and applying the measurement techniques of the material parameters under different stresses.

  • Cursul se adreseaza studentilor de la programele de studii Electrotehnica si Tehnologia informatiei si are ca obiective:

    • Aplicarea cunostintelor fundamentale de fizica, chimie, desen tehnic si informatica in descrierea principiilor de functionare a sistemelor electrice.
    • Identificarea caracteristicilor tehnologiilor conventionale si moderne utilizate in ingineria electrica in corelare cu metodele si tehnicile de modelare, simulare si testare a sistemelor tehnice
    • Evaluarea impactului tehnologiilor asupra dezvoltarii sistemelor electrice si asupra evolutiei societatii umane.
    • Re-proiectarea unor artefacte avand in corelare cu noile tehnologii.
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